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Who Are We?

Re-Imagine Ontario, is a relatively newly founded social initiative. It came to life fully in the very early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, when the crisis of the pandemic highlighted the continued lag of social and economic indicators among vulnerable populations, primarily Black and Indigenous Canadians.  Our mission is to bring community together to start chipping away at these some of these trends.


Our programs are designed to target vulnerable communities, with most programs designed primarily for vulnerable individuals within the Black and Indigenous Communities. We are initially offering three programs, and hope to keep growing and changing lives. These programs are, a mental health support program, a mentoring program, and in-home care program. We invite everyone to connect with us as we fulfil our mission.

Our Vision

Re-Imagine Ontario's vision is to improve the social and economic indicators of  all vulnerable populations.

We see value in everyone. For a brief moment, let's re-imagine a world where everyone shares the Canadian dream regardless of race, sex, religion, gender, or politics. Where we look out for each other and support  the most vulnerable among us. Where a culture of care is the norm rather than the exception.


Our vision re-imagines a world where we change perceptions and we change lives through community. We believe that if we each do our small part to reach out to that young person struggling with family, school, or career, or to that teen who may be confused and angry with the world and failing in school, that new immigrant who is unsure of their footing in a new country, that parent who is raising a family while caring for a sick parent, or that isolated person, then that's one additional step in creating healthy, productive, safe, and happy communities.


We want to be a catalyst for positive change, and we're  driven by the same ideas we initially founded our organization upon: support, empowerment, and progress, so that we all move upwards together by changing lives.

Our Mission

Re-Imagine Ontario's mission is to improve the health, education and employment of vulnerable people, with particular focus on Black and Indigenous populations, by efficiently and effectively fostering strong community support networks. 


Our mission is our first step in achieving our vision. This starts with working to change the lives of many vulnerable children, youth and adults, many being visible-minority Canadians. Our mental health programs are very important the starting points in addressing the problem in Ontario of one out of every five children not accessing the mental help they need especially among racialized populations. Mission also addresses the mental health of adults in need.

We believe that if we see better outcomes in education especially in vulnerable communities, will go a long way in changing perceptions and changing lives.

If children have role models from similar backgrounds interacting with them, and to whom they can look up to and trust, they will benefit from it. The purpose of our mentoring programs is to introduce children and young adults to successful people from within their own communities, who will share their own stories and give useful life tips. 


Our mission also extends to foster support for individuals who are vulnerable due to the frailty that often comes with aging, or those persons who are disabled, indigent, or isolated. We offer in-home personal and home care support to these individuals.




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The People of Our Organization

Board Members

Monica Smith BSc.,CPA

Dauda Raji BSc. 

Leonardo Penzim Gomes – LLM, MBA, CFE

Abiodun A. Adetoro, Ph.D., MPH

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